As one of 8 children I know how important family and relationships are. As a child I remember looking over and over again at the albums that my mother had lovingly put together and poring over the images of my parents wedding. Our families grow and change, our perfectly orchestrated wedding takes place, the vows are made, the food eaten and the dance danced the only real thing we have left is our photos and the emotions that come with them.

Our photos tell the story of our lives, they take us back to when our son or daughter was so tiny they fitted into the palms of our hands, they remind us of the events of our wedding day and they make us smile, laugh and cry.

This is what I want to capture for you and that is why I put my heart and soul into every one of my images.

I want to be the reason that in years to come, your children have photos to look back on, to laugh and to smile with you and most of all – to remember and for you to exist in photos.

Contact me now to chat about your photo session and let’s discuss how we can best capture your memories, I will even buy the coffee.

When not capturing those life-moments that underpin peoples’ memories, I can usually be found assisting my corporate clients with their requirements; further information can be found on my sister site www.amandaformancommercial.co.uk

amanda x

Amanda Forman Photography| Rutland Based Wedding, Maternity & Newborn Photographer


Coffee is my number one vice. I have 4 coffee machines in my house all different because you never know what you’re going to fancy.

I am one of 8

Yes you read that right. I am one of 8 children. This is me with my 4 sisters on my own wedding day. 

Fitness fiend

I love the buzz you get from a good workout. I used to teach insanity fitness classes and am still a qualified fitness instructor.

I'm a dog lover

I have two of the cutest dogs on the planet. Hercules and Persues are miniature schnauzers and I love them to bits.

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