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There are so many different options for gift lists these days we are spoiled for choice. Already live together, no problem go for a Honeymoon fund, moving in together? Excellent there are plenty of options to fill your beautiful new home, want to donate to charity? no problem. Here are a few of my favorite options for each along with a couple of handy poems to go in with your invites.

Another task ticked off the list!


Prezola is the Gift list company that can offer it all. They are the UK’s leading independent wedding gift list company and winner of the Best Gift List in 2014, 15 AND 16.

The best thing about Prezola? They are completely independent, so you are not stuck to one department store for your wedding gift list, in fact you aren’t even stuck to only having store bought items, they really do offer it all.

Prezola have 300 brand partners and counting and what is even better is that their service is entirely free of charge, this includes delivery of all of your wonderful new wedding gifts directly to your home after your honeymoon!

If you want to upgrade to their Premier Plus account for the tiny amount of £39 you can even add on cash gifts, including their handy honeymoon fund! what more could you want?

Once you have set up your gift list your guests can log in, purchase a gift and leave you a message, this makes the thank you cards after the wedding even easier because you can see exactly what everyone bought you.

Take a look for yourself visit Prezola and have a look around. 

The Humdinger website explains that Humdinger means outstanding or extraordinary. “See Something You Never Thought You’d See – Do Something You Never Thought You’d Do.”

What a fantastic idea for a gift list – a bucket list for you and your new Husband or Wife. They have every experience you can think of from learning how to rear farm animals, to forging your own wedding rings. The more adventurous couple might like to try learning how to survive in the wilderness, or fancy something more relaxed, why not try your hand at being a chef for the day!

You can start an online bucket list that your wedding guests can donate to and you can share your achievements online using their built in Facebook app so guests know when you have completed each one, you can even post an ‘experience selfie’

What is on your bucket list?? Take a look at


The Honeyfund is an amazing idea founded by Sarah and Josh Margulis, who when planning their own wedding struggled to find the perfect honeymoon registry with all of the ones they could find including high fees and expensive travel bookings. It was because of this that the ‘honeyfund’ was formed. They decided to create a website for themselves and it was such a success it has developed to become one of the most popular sites for funding your honeymoon.

Tom and I actually used this for our wedding, it came highly recommended to us by Abercrombie and Kent and we loved it because it meant we could do all of the excursions we wanted to do on our honeymoon without having to worry about saving yet more money to cover it all.

All you do is find out what excursions are available to you and add them to your list along with a price, or add in things like ice creams on the beach, or a romantic meal for two, we even added hotels at the airport so we didn’t have to go home in between and a stay in the lake district at the end of the honeymoon (at the Holbeck Ghyll).

This is the perfect balance between asking for money (which let’s face it we would all rather not do) and people feeling like they are buying you a physical gift. Even the older generations like this one because they can see what it is they are buying and are given a choice.

Once the gift has been purchased from the site you receive an email with the gift givers note (if they have written one which most of the time they have) and the money is deposited in to your paypal account (which you link at the start) you then use the money to pay for the excursion or whatever it is your lovely wedding guest has purchased and you have an online directory after the wedding so you can thank everyone for their gifts and even send them pictures of the ice creams they purchased or the dinner on the beach.

Check out the honeyfund here

So now your gift list is sorted you just need to figure out how to word this on your invites. Below are a few examples of different ways you can do this. These are not written by me, they are simply different ones I found when we were planning ours so thank you to the lovely authors whomever they may be.

When thinking of a gift for us
We ask if you’d please consider
Contributing to our honeymoon
to make it all the sweeter.
Our house is full of all the things
a couple could require,
and so a holiday away
is what we most desire.
Then while we’re relaxing on the beach
or by the pool so blue
we’ll sit back and know
that it is truly thanks to you!


Please donʼt feel obliged to give us a gift – all we really want is to have a lovely wedding which we
can share with our friends and family. However, if you would like to give a gift and are looking for
inspiration, we have set up a list at (Gift list registry name) (, list number 123456. The list is open for 8 weeks from 3rd August.


We made a commitment, some time ago,
that together through life, we were destined to go.
To save you looking, shopping and buying,
Here is an idea, we hope you’ll like trying!
Come to our wedding, to wish us both well,
And please make a donation, to our wishing well.

Please donʼt feel obliged to buy us a gift, we just want you to come have a good time with us! However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, feel free to surprise us!

Hopefully you have found this useful, please feel free to share it with friends and family who are planning their wedding celebrations and be sure to contact me about your special day.

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