I thought it might be fun to re introduce the Ask the Bride blogs and what better a wedding to start on than this one at the Ashes Barns 

Georgia and Liam we married at the Ashes Barns in Leek earlier this year and even though rain had been forecast for the whole day we were blessed with some beautiful weather and were able to get out and about in the gorgeous ground for some photos. 

Here is what Georgia has to say about her big day. I hope you enjoy. 

How did you and Liam meet?

Liam and I met whilst at college when we were 16. I met him as he was considering getting his nipple pierced in a piercing shop! He was friends with my school friend justin (one of the best men) so I went in to meet him and ran into the topless liam. Who obviously made and impression. 

Tell us about the proposal  

Liam proposed at the Harry Potter studio tours. Just as we walked through the famous doors into Hogwarts school, He bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him. All I remember is the magical music playing  and him saying ” well put it on then” regarding the ring as I was obviously in shock after saying yes. It was the most magical and exciting moment of my life so far. He knew it would mean the world to me to do it there, and I love him for that.

How did you find the wedding planning process?

Wedding planning was actually very fun and only stressful in the last month or so. 

Due to me wanting everything to be perfect. And having all the odds and ends tied up nicely. I only got stressed when something was out of my control. Ie the weather and handing my ideas to somebody else to create something. 

Tell us about your dress, what did you accessorise with?

I actually wasnt hung up about my dress being the best dress I will ever wear. I just wanted it to go with the feeling and tone of my wedding. Once I found it online. I tried it on once and that was IT! I loved the fact it wasnt white and that it wasnt anything anyone expected. 

I accessorised my dress with a flower crown. My mum and I put it together with other flowers I found and added beads and hair accessories to create the crown it was on the day, I do wish it didn’t  have as many pins in on the day! (If you know, then you know!) 

I also wore all white leather converse. That was something Liam & I thought of ages before the wedding as that’s much more our style. The whole wedding  party wore either Van’s or converse even my mother. I am so glad I did as I could dance all night and was so comfortable. It looked cool too!! 

What was most important for you on the day?

The most important part of the day for me was the actual ceremony. It was a dream and it was so romantic. The music and flowers and having everyone I love in one room was lovely. I look back at that moment  with such fond memories. Writing our own vows was funny and emotional, and I was so touched when liam shed a few tears. I think hearing Liam’s vows to me was my favourite moment of the entire day. I loved it. 

What was your theme for the wedding?

We didn’t have a theme. I just had more of a vision for the day as a whole and I wanted to create everything I could myself. I didn’t want it to look like something out of a magazine. I wanted it to feel like us. Everything pretty much had a reason for its creation. From the table names being our favourite movies on flags, made out of my old sketch book paper, too the ivy from the bottom of our garden hung over my table setting on a crate from our favourite garden centre. Our wedding was definitely a ‘homemade’ wedding. 

Why did you choose your venue?

The Ashes Barns was the second place we viewed and I knew straight away it was the one. From the moment you drove down the long entrance road we had a wow feeling. Everything was in one place. Which I recommend. From ceremony room too accommodation all on one plot made it very easy to plan. The girls there were amazing and very friendly, and it was a beautiful setting. Much more beautiful than I saw online. It was rustic and had greenery surrounding it. Even the stone walls were beautiful. I couldn’t recommend the Ashes Barns enough.

What is your advice for future brides?

My advice for brides is to plan and get organised as early as you can. Get everything done so you leave a good few weeks before your big day free.

The worst thing you can do is be stressed up until your nuptials. Leave a few days free with your partner to just enjoy each other before you get married.

It honestly does go so quickly so enjoy the day with all your loved ones and remember it’s about the love between the two of you, not about everybody else!! 

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