baby in cot amanda forman photography

Technically, I became a mum just before lockdown. My beautiful little girl was born on the 26th of February 2020 and she amazes me and makes me smile every single day.

The entire country going in to lockdown a few weeks later was not how I envisaged my maternity leave but I cannot, and will not say that 2020 was a write-off, 2020 gave me my baby girl.

Weddings were cancelled, family photoshoots were stopped, I missed several maternity sessions because babies were born before we came out of lockdown mid-year and my entire business as I knew it changed. What else is a photographer in lockdown to do though than use that valuable time to photograph my own little angel.

Of course, I would have loved to have taken Mya out and shown her off to anyone and everyone because I am one proud mummy, but I can’t so instead I am sharing some images and a little insight into our lockdown life from her first weeks on earth right up to her first birthday. 

I hope you enjoy and that these images get you excited for your own family sessions which we can hopefully resume from April/May all being well.


Baby in a cot by Amanda Forman Photography
Newborn photography Amanda Forman Photography
Newborn Photography Amanda Forman Photography

One of my favorite images to take and this particular one is framed and displayed in Mya’s nursery. I love how tiny she is in Daddy’s hands, she was only a week old when we took this photo and as we aren’t having any more babies I really wanted to make sure we had this image as I have taken it for so many other families. 

Baby in dads hands amanda forman photography

This isn’t the most professional of photos, the background is all creased, it was just a blanket I had put her on to go to sleep. I love how curled she still was at this point. 

newborn photography by amanda forman photography

A beautiful close-up of her long eyelashes. Because, why not!

babies eyelashes by amanda forman photography

The image below was taken the very first time we put Mya in her big girl’s cot in her own room. A bittersweet moment i am sure most parents can attest to. 

Baby sleeping by Amanda Forman Photography
newborn photography by amanda forman photography

I am so so pleased I took these photos. As we had gone into lockdown at this point I wasn’t able to book another photographer to take our photos which is what I had always planned to do. Instead, I placed my camera on a tripod and keyed in all of the settings then used a remote trigger to capture these. I love looking back on them, it is so special to me to have photos from this time in my life and Mya’s life. I can’t even remember her being this small now! I will be doing some more self-portraits again soon. 

Mum with her baby by amanda forman photography
Mum with her new baby by amanda forman photography
mum cuddling her newborn by amanda forman photography
Mum with her new baby outside by amanda forman photography

Another self-portrait was taken in the old Quarry in Stamford. It is so important to me that I have photos not only of Mya and her Daddy but also some with me in them as well. 

newborn photography by amanda forman photography
mum and her daughter at the fatm by amanda forman photography

A little trip over to Rutland Farm Park, I can’t wait for this to be able to open again so we can take Mya back again now she is walking. Of course I didn’t take this photo I gave the camera to my wonderful husband : )

Baby photography by amanda forman photography

Remember that time back in 2020 when we were able to sit outside in the SUNSHINE!!! I am so looking forward to that again this year, it really did make the lockdown part one so much more bearable. 

Baby laying down by amanda forman photography
baby playing by amanda forman photography

I had just calibrated all of my lenses so I figured who better to test them out on than Mya, she rose to the occasion as you can see.

baby portrait by amanda forman photography
Newborn photography by amanda forman photography

Bathtime with Nonna. We were so lucky to be able to get away in September as it gave us some much needed family time. 

baby photography by amanda forman photography
baby cuddling daddy by amanda forman photography

Morning cuddles with Daddy, we were in Cornwall and this was such a peaceful spot sat in front of the window just watching the rain and having a morning coffee. 

christmas photo of baby on chair

Of course Mya gets to be my tester for my Christmas Micro sessions, this was last years set and I loved it so much. I can’t believe how small she looks here though 

mum and daughter in the snow
baby girl by amanda forman photography
baby playing with headphones
baby playing in leaves
Baby playing in the leaves
baby playing by amanda forman photography
baby photoshoot by amanda forman photography
portrait of a baby girl
Family photography by Amanda Forman Photography
Family photography by amanda forman photography
Girl walking in the woods with leaf
girl playing in the woods
girl walking in the woods

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