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I am so excited to once again be offering Bridal Boudoir sessions. I believe that every woman should experience a session like this once in her life, so much so that in honour of the relaunch I am going to test something with you.

In my studio in Barleythorpe, Oakham, I offer a wonderful place where you can feel relaxed, safe, and feel able to express your femininity without judgment. You will leave your bridal boudoir shoot feeling confident and beautiful. I hear women saying over and over that they would love to do this but there is something stopping them!

Well now, I am taking away at least one large excuse.


This summer I am offering 10 spots for boudoir shoots that I call “Name your own price shoots.

Yes, I really did write that! You email me and let me know what you are looking for from your boudoir shoot and how much you can afford to pay and I promise you no reasonable offer will be refused. If I can’t photograph you for what you offer I will come back to you with a counter offer. I know that I cannot accept offers lower than £200 as I will almost certainly lose money so all offers should be for £200 and over depending on what you are looking for.


Bridal Boudoir Barleythorpe Oakham

There are a few guidelines to take into consideration:

  1. I am offering 10 slots from now until July 28, 2017
  2. I HIGHLY recommend you have your makeup done by my make up artist. It’s a small added expense that lends itself to HUGE results.
  3. Sessions are shot on a Sunday and start at 10am
  4. What is a reasonable offer? Well, in my mind it is one in which you are happy to pay it and I am happy to receive it.
  5. I offer products such as mounted prints as as well as digital only packages (For this offer only).
  6. I promise you an amazing experience regardless of what you pay.

My email is – if you have ever considered getting a  bridal boudoir shoot, now is the time to get in touch!


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