Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers is no small task. From table centres, bouquets, pew ends, buttonholes, top table displays, the list goes on and there are several things you need to consider when planning which flowers you will have for your big day.

I met with Kerry from Oasis Flowers of Letchworth to get her top tips on choosing your Wedding flowers and things to look out for.






Personal recommendation cannot be beaten. But if you do not have this, meet with a couple of florists and see how you feel. One maybe more experienced but not necessarily be on your ‘wavelength’, so you want to feel comfortable with them. I always recommend meeting your florist in person before making any decisions – this is the same with all wedding vendors where possible.

Choosing your florist
Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Wedding Flowers
Pin away
Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Wedding Flowers




Pinterest and Instagram are amazing tools when it comes to wedding planning and choosing your wedding flowers. Make a board on Pinterest to show your florist the style and colours you like. Don’t get carried away just pinning things though – make sure you note down why you like each pin. is it the colour that has drawn you, or the style of bouquet or centre piece. Make sure you pin a few different options for centre pieces – remember it all adds up so if you have more than one option you could work with your florist to combine ideas and create your perfect wedding.



Wedding flowers can take up a big chunk of your wedding budget. Be honest when you speak to your florist, if you have a budget in mind, let them know from the start so you don’t end up spending hours going over what you want only to discover that it will cost double your budget. At the meeting show them images of the styles you like but keep in mind that you cannot expect exact replicas of everything on your pinterest board and be flexible and open to ideas to make the different designs work within your budget. If you are dead set on a particular style be prepared to spend a little extra if needed.

Keep in mind your Budget
Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Wedding Flowers
Visit the Venue
Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Wedding Flowers




Go to the venue with the florist if they have not been there before. The style, colours and layout will help with the process of deciding on the wedding flowers and decor you  ultimately have, and your florist can advise what will work based on any ideas you may already have. For example if you are getting married in a rustic barn wildflowers will fit in perfectly but  not so much in a luxury ballroom venue.




Make the most of your budget, use the flowers that you have for the Registry Signing on your Top Table for the dinner / lunch. If you have flowers as pew ends, such as a simple Gerbera or Rose with foliage, lay them along your Top Table as though they have been scattered there… Your florist will know how to make the most of the flowers you have so you can re-use where possible. You could even offer the table centres to guests as a thank you or take one home yourself to display in your home after the wedding, depending on what it is you can just keep it topped up with fresh flowers. There are even places where you can have your bridal bouquet dried and framed so maybe that could be something you consider.

Make your flowers work for you
Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Wedding Flowers
Table Centres
Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Wedding Flowers




How many tables are having? Do you want them all to look the same or could you have small centres / half tall centres?  Remember that you want your guests to be able to see each other across the table and to talk so the flowers should not dominate.  If you want to go for the wow factor but your budget simply wont stretch, why not have a select number of tables with larger statement pieces and have the other tables compliment them. Your florist will be able to best tell you what will work here.





If you have chosen your dress, discuss or show your florist. If your small / petite in size, a smaller bouquet will suit you better.  If your dress is intricate with lots of details, a simple bouquet will work best.

Bouquets, bouquets, bouquets
Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Wedding Flowers
Choose by season
Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Flowers



If you choose flowers that are in season then you will be able to save money. For example: British Flowers are in season June to September mainly, if your going for a natural look, consider using them. See some examples of seasonal flowers below;

Agapanthus – large, striking flowers, also known as African Lily.
Anemone – delicate flowers available in various colours.
Aster — daisy-like flowers on upright stems.

Agapanthus — large, striking flowers, also known as African Lily.
Alchemilla — common garden flower with tiny yellow/green flowers.
Aster — Daisy-like flowers.

Calla Lily — Striking lilies. Available in white and other colours. Not all colours are available throughout the year.
Gerbera — contemporary, daisy-like flower in various colours.
Gypsophila — tiny white flowers. Perfect as a filler or used on its own.
Hydrangea — enormous flowerheads in various colours.

Amaryllis — large, trumpet shaped flowers.
Anemone — delicate flowers available in various colours.
Bouvardia — clusters of small, tubular flowers.




Let your florist know if someone in your bridal party has an allergy to any type of flower(s), this will prevent any sneezes / itching happening on the day as your florist can work out the right type of flowers to use. Lillies can be overpowering so best not to have them in any table centre display and fragrant blooms, like lilacs, freesias, lilies, gardenias, tuberoses and jasmine vine, are best used in moderation.

Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Flowers
Personal touches
Amanda Forman Photography - Choosing Flowers



Do you something that you would to incorporate into your wedding flowers or display?? A treasured brooch from a grandparent or a favourite flower to represent a relative that couldn’t be with you…  This will make your day all the more special for you.

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