The Grand Sapphire, Croydon
I Knew from the moment I first spoke to Alice and Oomar about their wedding at the Grand Sapphire in Croydon that we would get along famously. They are so ridiculously in love, and so cute together. Alice and Oomar bounce off each other in a way that reminds me of me and my husband and I was warmed to receive this note from Alice & Oomar before they left for their Honeymoon.

“Alice and I wished to express how brilliant it was to have you, Tom and Bori at our wedding and what lovely people you are. You made us and our respective family, friends and associated guests feel at ease yet marshaled some rather chaotic situations with consummate professionalism. We had many comments from people about how well organised you were and were always patient with the proceedings, thank you. As an aside, we hope our marriage will be as fun as yours and Tom’s clearly is

So over to Alice for our meet the bride feature for their wonderful wedding at the Grand Sapphire in Croyden.

How did you choose your wedding photographer?

We found Amanda on and emailed her along with several others, but after talking with Amanda on skype it became very clear that she would be the perfect person to do our photography. Very professional and we liked her straight away, and we are so glad we chose her!

Tell us about the moment you saw your wedding photos for the first time

We were at home but just about to go out, and much too overexcited. We were exclaiming and squealing the whole way through and wanting to favourite everything. We actually made ourselves late because we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the computer.

Where did you get married and why did you choose the location?

We got married at The Grand Sapphire in Croydon. It was perfect for us, large enough to hold us and all our guests whilst also being able to provide everything we needed, like a stage for the Nikkah ceremony.

Can you describe your wedding in fewer than 10 words?

“All the right notes just not in the right order” – this is what my dad says anytime he’s asked
Joyful, madness, bright, shiny, wonderful, improvised, planned, much too quick

The Grand Sapphire, Croydon

Tell us about your accessories, jewelry, shoes and anything else

The jewelry was a gift from Oomar’s family, and I couldn’t believe how intricate it was, it was gorgeous! The Tikka had trouble staying centered on my head so at the last minute Amanda’s husband Tom procured some blu-tac which did the trick and kept us all giggling through the wedding.

Where did you buy your dress? Was it love at first sight?

The lehnga was bought from an incredible shop called Sequinze in Southall.  I went on a scouting trip with a cousin of Oomar’s first and we fell in love with the shop but didn’t find anything that first trip. I came back with my mother later and we both fell in love with the second one I tried on.

The Grand Sapphire, Croydon

And what did the groom wear?

Oh he looked like a prince! He wore a gorgeous Sherwani, and family members and the best man all wore ones that matched with it. It was from a shop called Superwear in Green Street. They all looked fabulous. Oomar also had the most magnificent hat which drove him crazy but I think it perfected the entire outfit.

The Grand Sapphire, Croydon

Who did your hair and make-up?

My make up was done by a really talented woman called Kavita, who was a recommendation from Oomar’s cousin. I went to her house for a trial which I really do recommend because it gives you a great idea about what you’re going to look like and you can work together to get a look that you’re happy with before the big day.

The hair was a bit of a nightmare as my hairdresser actually pulled out one month before the wedding, but my wonderful friend Kaja who just got married recommended Lipstick and Curls to me  who I got in touch with and had a trial with the wonderful Sophia.
I was so happy with both my hair and make-up at the wedding as there was such a specific “look” that we were going for, and they really made all the difference, as well as keeping me calm the day of! My Dupatta was so heavy that Sophia ended up putting a hair piece in my hair and safety pinning the dupatta to my head!

The Grand Sapphire, Croydon
The Grand Sapphire, Croydon

What was your wedding style or theme?

My husband’s family hailing from Mumbai we had a big Indian wedding, with the odd English twist!

Where did you find your suppliers?

All over! Oomar’s cousin is in the restaurant trade and did so much to help with finding a venue and catering etc, he was even up for 4am trips to the flower market! We found our wonderful photographer through which was one of our best finds! But most of our wedding was put together through word of mouth

What kind of wedding cake did you choose and who made it?

We loved our cake! Again we’re kind of nuts about food so we were both obsessed with finding the right cake. We lucked out as Oomar grew up near to a wonderful little patisserie in Ladywell called Le Delice who were able to make our spectacular cake. It was a chocolate sponge with a chocolate cream icing and decorated with edible flowers. The best thing about it was that it was nut, dairy, and gluten free so everyone could enjoy it with us.

What is your best piece of advice for others planning their wedding?

Everything is going to cost three times more than you expect it too; so figure out your top three priorities and concentrate on them. Oh and don’t be afraid to draft your friends in to help with all the little odd jobs that crop up. Weddings are super stressful, give yourself a few days to decompress and recover before going on honeymoon.

What is the best thing about being married?

Not having to plan a wedding anymore! All the stress has fallen away!
But seriously, everything fits now, that sounds strange but there is a huge comfort in being married. Nothing has really changed in our day to day lives but it feels more like we’re a unit, a family now.

Where did you go on honeymoon?

We went to St Lucia! We missed the hurricane by about a day! It was wonderful because we were at a hotel we could just relax in and not have to worry about anything, so it was a brilliant place to just unwind and be looked after for a while. But it was also wonderful to get out and explore, it’s such a beautiful island, we fell completely in love with it and want to go back again at some point.

The Grand Sapphire, Croydon
The Grand Sapphire, Croydon
The Grand Sapphire, Croydon
The Grand Sapphire, Croydon

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