Deciding what to wear and how to prepare for your pre wedding shoot can often be more stressful than the shoot itself.

Unless of course you have a cheeky little prep post like this one to help you along that is.

Your session will either take place at sunrise or sunset (preferably) so we can get some of that gorgeous golden light. It will last for up to 90 minutes which should give us time for at least two outfit changes.

My best suggestion for your outfit options is to keep them simple. You don’t want too many patterns and try to avoid clothing that has logos as these can date the image in years to come.

The outfits below would be perfect for a slightly cooler evening for your more casual outfit.

What to wear for your engagement session
What to wear for your engagement session

It is always nice to include a more dressy outfit as well. Try and think of it as an outfit you would wear for date night. Consider adding a little colour in to your outfit here as this is likely to be the one we change you in to when the sunset hits.

What to wear for your engagement session
What to wear for your engagement session

In advance of your pre wedding photo session

These are my top 10 tips for preparing for your pre wedding photo session.

  1. Drink more water
  2. Avoid the sun – tan lines and sunburn don’t make for great photos. If you really must be in the sun be aware of which outfits you will be wearing and try and avoid tan lines where possible
  3. Begin your skincare regimen – this will set you up for the wedding as well. Wash your face nightly, exfoliate every other day  and be sure to moisturise
  4. Get a manicure – everyone feels better with a manicure I am almost certain this should be a scientific fact!
  5. Gather and organise yours and your fiance’s outfits – make sure they are pressed and clean and that your colours don’t clash. Think about where we will be going for your shoot – if we are mainly going to be out in the countryside are those shoes really appropriate 😉
  6. Touch up your roots – if you dye your hair be sure to get this touched up before your photo shoot – the week before is ideal and get a trim whilst you are there
  7. Men – shave the day of and make sure your skin is moisturised
  8. If you have a makeup artist for your wedding day this would be the perfect day to book in for your makeup trial so plan it in if you can
  9. Get your beauty sleep
  10. Arrive on time

Pre wedding photo shoots can be booked at a cost of only £250 including your digital images for anyone who has booked their wedding day with me. And even better, if you have a dog and want them to be involved – they can come along too!


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