Londesborough wedding of Katie & Max

Londesborough wedding of Katie & Max

Amanda Forman - Stoke Newington Wedding

Katie and Max have been together for 10 years. I met them only once before their wedding at Stoke Newington Town Hall and it was clear to me then how perfect they were for each other. During the speeches Katie’s Dad said that you can’t imagine Max without Katie or Katie without Max. They are each others perfect other half and surrounded by their family and friends since school they cemented that with a very beautiful and touching ceremony full of laughter, tears (happy ones) and heart warming moments.

A short walk from Stoke Newington Town Hall took us to the Londesborough Pub and Dining room. A fantastic venue hidden on Londesborough road not far from Finsbury Park. Step inside and you are greeted by friendly staff, vintage lampshades, chandeliers, and some of the best food I have tasted.

The venue was beautiful decorated and felt warm and cosy. A perfect place to spend the evening especially when it was so cold outside!

Here are a few images from Katie and Max’s London wedding.

The Londesborough was beautifully decorated with flowers carefully put together by the brides mum. The tables were all themed around die hard films, one of the Grooms favourite things to watch at Christmas.

The couple decided against having a DJ, instead they had their own playlist during the reception and dinner and then broke out the jukebox for the reception. A fantastic idea which had people young and old on the dance floor all evening.

Katie and Max have traveled widely this year – including a trip to Ireland just because Max had managed to get flights for 4p and it was a bargain so why not! – so they will be taking a short honeymoon and will be back in time to share their first Christmas as a married couple with all of their family and friends.

Max and Katie, congratulations on your marriage and remember, as long as you keep dating your wife and flirting with your husband then your marriage will be a long and happy one, it’s the small things that matter stay true to them always xxx


Flowers: These were all created by Katie’s mum Karen

Cake: Konditor & Cook www.Konditorandcook.com 

DJ: The couple didn’t have a DJ, instead they hire a Juke Box – a fantastic idea which had EVERYONE on the dance floor young and old

Brides dress: Amanda Garrett – www.mydaymyway.com 

Bridesmaids Dresses: House of Fraser

Ceremony: Stoke Newington Town Hall

Reception: Londesborough Pup, Stoke Newington, London


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