The Value of a Second Photographer

The Value of a Second Photographer

Let me guess, you’re thinking: Why, would I spend valuable wedding budget on a Second photographer? Why does this photographer feel that she needs help or even a backup?!


Having said that, this photographer is not a mind reader. But no doubt these questions are now at the forefront of your mind and so with that, I wanted to help burst a few ‘second-shooter myths’.




No. Not at all! The purpose of the second shooter is not to act as the backup to a fumbling photographer. Wow, that was easy!

Amanda Forman -The Importance of Second Photographer
Amanda Forman -The Importance of Second Photographer



Whilst the Second will be capturing images on the day; any direction given to people regarding posing will always be given by the Primary photographer. Also all editing is completed by the Primary as this ensures the style is consistent.



We all know wedding budgets are fraught with pain and anguish; the cousins that you never see that must be invited all have significant others and thus your wedding breakfast bill just sky rocketed and you’re reading this with wedding budget sweats trickling down your forehead.

Don’t panic! The cost of a second photographer is not equivalent to hiring two primary wedding photographers, I personally include the cost of a second photographer as standard in my day rate.

Amanda Forman -The Importance of Second Photographer



No matter the wedding budget, you will be hard pressed to hire a photographer that can literally be in two places at once.

This is assuming of course you haven’t hired Doctor Who as your photographer; but that would make this a pointless post, as we all know Doctor Who always travels with an assistant!

A Second photographer allows for events to be captured that may otherwise be missed, for example the reaction of your guests when you have your first kiss.




It’s simple really, the purpose of a Second photographer is to assist in capturing a different perspective of your day. That doesn’t mean they will be on a bungee cord dangling at an altitude of 15 meters, nor that they will be a mere 6 inches above my shoulder.

Amanda Forman Photography | Rutland Based | Second Photographer
Amanda Forman -The Importance of Second Photographer



What it does mean is that when the key moments of your day occur, they will be captured from multiple angles; for example; your first kiss as a married couple will be captured by the primary photographer as if you were the only two people in the world [hopefully how you are feeling]; and then the second will capture the same moment but with your friends and family in the frame.



Having a second also means that when the Bridal prep is occurring, someone is ensuring evidence of the Groom attempting a cravat for the first time is preserved forever; or the Best Man fearfully checking that he still has the rings. This is also typically when any close up photography occurs of your wedding bands,

Amanda Forman Photography - Wedding Photographer


Although I always shoot with a Second photographer, I hope that you found the post useful. Should you be planning a wedding I wish you all the best for your big day.

Finally, should you be interested, I posted about budgets not so long ago; that post can be found here should you fancy a read! I just wish I had read it before my big day!


Balloons at weddings are they back??

Balloons at weddings are they back??

Wedding Balloons

We generally tend to associate balloons with our childhood these days, some of my most memorable events growing up – birthdays, prom, christmas parties – they all had one decor item in common – balloons.

For a while now though we haven’t seen this helium filled spheres of fun as a stylish way to decorate our weddings but it seems they may just be coming back in to fashion! Several balloon suppliers are cropping up on the wedding styling boards and groups and quite a few recent events and weddings I have attended have had balloons present if not as a feature on the day, but what is so different now than back then??

Our balloon making friends are becoming more creative that’s what the difference is. Gone are the days of simple coloured balloons being attached to a paperweight and put on the centre of a table. They now come filled with petals and feathers, they have decorated garlands, they come in every colour under the sun, even the completely see through ones are something to behold and yes they really do look beautiful.

These images are from a recent shoot with Grapefruit Balloons, Rina wanted some new images for her website so I employed the help of Ellene from Stylenvy to help beautify the venue. I think I can speak for both of us when I say how surprised we were at how beautiful these balloons were and they certainly drew lots of admiring comments from all of the clients when they started arriving at the venue.

Amanda Forman Photography balloons
Amanda Forman Photography Balloons
Amanda Forman Photography Balloons
Amanda Forman Photography Balloons
Amanda Forman Photography Balloons
Amanda Forman Photography Balloons
Amanda Forman Photography Balloons
Amanda Forman Photography Balloons
Berkeley Castle – Wedding Venue

Berkeley Castle – Wedding Venue

Berkeley castle is located in Gloucester and is an absolutely stunning venue for a wedding; this is where my husband and I were married in January 2016.

This venue is licensed for both civil ceremonies and civil partnerships, for smaller ceremonies you can say ‘I do’ in the Long Drawing Room with up to 60 guests or should you have a larger number of guests then the Great Hall hosts to up to 130.

The Great Hall was built in the 14th Century and has illustrated stained glass windows, Oudenarde tapestries and the original black and white stone floor. The Long drawing room is a more intimate affair with carved gilt mirrors and a beautiful mantel piece. The Long Drawing room also doubles up as a fabulous area for you to host cocktail receptions and after dinner drinks.

Should neither of these take your fancy then don’t worry! You can also have your ceremony outside in their glorious gardens as they have a gazebo nestled between beautiful Laurel & Yew trees.

However you have your heart set on a religious ceremony, you can walk to St Mary’s Church which is a stones throw from the castle, a church that date back to the year 1225 and is absolutely breathtaking.

If you are looking to book your wedding at Berkeley castle you won’t be disappointed, we had the wonderful Pippa and Immy looking after us for both the lead up to the wedding and the day itself. Nothing was too much trouble for them, even when we popped in unannounced to say ‘hello’. Immy without breaking her stride sat us down, got us cake and coffee and went through our day with us right down to the very last detail.

Berkeley Castle really is the venue that dream weddings are hosted at, especially given that even with the dreary British weather, if it does rain on your special day (which by the way, is good luck!) you will still be guaranteed some simply stunning photos, and the castle is exclusively yours for your wedding day.

I simply can’t recommend this venue highly enough, you will be well looked after by the team and your wedding day will truly be a day fit for a princess.

Berkeley Castle is currently offering a special Winter Wedding package to celebrate the Sixtieth Anniversary of the castle being opened to the public.

Contact Pippa by filling out the form on the Berkeley Castle Website.

Image credit to my wedding photographers, Dominic Wright Photography


Amazing Ideas For A Wedding Gift List

Amazing Ideas For A Wedding Gift List

Amanda Forman - Wedding gift list

There are so many different options for gift lists these days we are spoiled for choice. Already live together, no problem go for a Honeymoon fund, moving in together? Excellent there are plenty of options to fill your beautiful new home, want to donate to charity? no problem. Here are a few of my favorite options for each along with a couple of handy poems to go in with your invites.

Another task ticked off the list!


Prezola is the Gift list company that can offer it all. They are the UK’s leading independent wedding gift list company and winner of the Best Gift List in 2014, 15 AND 16.

The best thing about Prezola? They are completely independent, so you are not stuck to one department store for your wedding gift list, in fact you aren’t even stuck to only having store bought items, they really do offer it all.

Prezola have 300 brand partners and counting and what is even better is that their service is entirely free of charge, this includes delivery of all of your wonderful new wedding gifts directly to your home after your honeymoon!

If you want to upgrade to their Premier Plus account for the tiny amount of £39 you can even add on cash gifts, including their handy honeymoon fund! what more could you want?

Once you have set up your gift list your guests can log in, purchase a gift and leave you a message, this makes the thank you cards after the wedding even easier because you can see exactly what everyone bought you.

Take a look for yourself visit Prezola and have a look around. 

The Humdinger website explains that Humdinger means outstanding or extraordinary. “See Something You Never Thought You’d See – Do Something You Never Thought You’d Do.”

What a fantastic idea for a gift list – a bucket list for you and your new Husband or Wife. They have every experience you can think of from learning how to rear farm animals, to forging your own wedding rings. The more adventurous couple might like to try learning how to survive in the wilderness, or fancy something more relaxed, why not try your hand at being a chef for the day!

You can start an online bucket list that your wedding guests can donate to and you can share your achievements online using their built in Facebook app so guests know when you have completed each one, you can even post an ‘experience selfie’

What is on your bucket list?? Take a look at


The Honeyfund is an amazing idea founded by Sarah and Josh Margulis, who when planning their own wedding struggled to find the perfect honeymoon registry with all of the ones they could find including high fees and expensive travel bookings. It was because of this that the ‘honeyfund’ was formed. They decided to create a website for themselves and it was such a success it has developed to become one of the most popular sites for funding your honeymoon.

Tom and I actually used this for our wedding, it came highly recommended to us by Abercrombie and Kent and we loved it because it meant we could do all of the excursions we wanted to do on our honeymoon without having to worry about saving yet more money to cover it all.

All you do is find out what excursions are available to you and add them to your list along with a price, or add in things like ice creams on the beach, or a romantic meal for two, we even added hotels at the airport so we didn’t have to go home in between and a stay in the lake district at the end of the honeymoon (at the Holbeck Ghyll).

This is the perfect balance between asking for money (which let’s face it we would all rather not do) and people feeling like they are buying you a physical gift. Even the older generations like this one because they can see what it is they are buying and are given a choice.

Once the gift has been purchased from the site you receive an email with the gift givers note (if they have written one which most of the time they have) and the money is deposited in to your paypal account (which you link at the start) you then use the money to pay for the excursion or whatever it is your lovely wedding guest has purchased and you have an online directory after the wedding so you can thank everyone for their gifts and even send them pictures of the ice creams they purchased or the dinner on the beach.

Check out the honeyfund here

So now your gift list is sorted you just need to figure out how to word this on your invites. Below are a few examples of different ways you can do this. These are not written by me, they are simply different ones I found when we were planning ours so thank you to the lovely authors whomever they may be.

When thinking of a gift for us
We ask if you’d please consider
Contributing to our honeymoon
to make it all the sweeter.
Our house is full of all the things
a couple could require,
and so a holiday away
is what we most desire.
Then while we’re relaxing on the beach
or by the pool so blue
we’ll sit back and know
that it is truly thanks to you!


Please donʼt feel obliged to give us a gift – all we really want is to have a lovely wedding which we
can share with our friends and family. However, if you would like to give a gift and are looking for
inspiration, we have set up a list at (Gift list registry name) (, list number 123456. The list is open for 8 weeks from 3rd August.


We made a commitment, some time ago,
that together through life, we were destined to go.
To save you looking, shopping and buying,
Here is an idea, we hope you’ll like trying!
Come to our wedding, to wish us both well,
And please make a donation, to our wishing well.

Please donʼt feel obliged to buy us a gift, we just want you to come have a good time with us! However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, feel free to surprise us!

Hopefully you have found this useful, please feel free to share it with friends and family who are planning their wedding celebrations and be sure to contact me about your special day.


12 things to do now you’re engaged

12 things to do now you’re engaged

By the time you are reading this you may well have already skipped through 1 and if you are anything like me you will have gone right on to 2 as well. But just in case here are my top 12 things to do now that you are engaged. I did try and keep it to 10 but my indecisive nature kicked in and I decided to keep all 12.

1. Have champagne and call your family and friends, let them know the good news

Take a moment to enjoy this yourselves first. However when you are ready to tell people be sure to give your parents the good news first, this is always better and much more exciting in person but if you are away then a call or Skype works just as well. Then tell other family and friends. Only once you have told everyone closest to you then it is ok to post the happy news on Facebook, twitter and Instagram get the news out there and take joy in all of the well wishes you are sent – it’s an exciting time! #engaged #isaidyes #newlyengaged

12 things to do now you are engaged

2. Get booked in for a manicure and take an engagement ring selfie

You are going to be showing of your engagement ring to everyone over the next few weeks, make sure you are putting a well manicured hand forward.

3. Insure your engagement ring

I know, not one of the most exciting tasks but it is very very important. This is one thing you don’t want to forget. Make sure you know what your policy covers you for if the ring is lost, damaged or stolen. You may be able to add this to your current home insurance policy so look into that too, just make sure you do it.

4. Think about the big picture/get dreaming (what type of wedding do you want)

Discuss what type of wedding you want, small and intimate or a big wedding with all your friends and family invited. Will you have a theme, what colours do you like, do you want boho chic or glam, do you veer on the side of tradition or do you want something a little more out there. The date of the wedding will have a big impact on this so think carefully.

5. Make a budget and get saving

The boring but necessary part – and always leave room for movement – If you are anything like me – no matter what you budget you will go over it slightly (or in my case astronomically but it was so worth it) thinking back I would have been slightly more generous in my guesstimations on costings because some things were surprisingly more expensive than I had planned for. I will be writing a separate blog on this with a spreadsheet for you to use so keep an eye out for that.

6. Think about your guest list

This is oh so important. When me and Tom got engaged we sat in the spa at the hotel (following my manicure) and wrote on some hotel paper a list of all of the people we wanted to invite. We soon realised that we had faaaaaar to many people on the list and then realised that in our excitement we had completely missed out some people that 100% had to be on there. Either way it is an important task that needs to be done especially before you go venue hunting as this will help narrow down where you can fit all of your guests. Don’t worry though, this list can always be altered.

7. Get the calendar out

The first thing anyone is going to ask (you know it’s true because you will have asked this yourself to so many of your friends) ‘ when is the big day’ this is where your thinking on what type of wedding you want will come in handy. If you are going for an outdoor boho style wedding then winter isn’t really going to cut the mustard. If however you are looking for warmer tones, candles and winter Pimms as a welcome drink then November through January will be perfect. Another thing to think about is the wedding venue ‘off season’ many venues offer a slight discount between October to January as it is their off season where as it will be full price for a summer wedding and of course there will be less availability.
booking your wedding date calendar

8. Get yourself some wedding magazines and look for bridal fayres

This is one of the best bits, it is now perfectly acceptable to buy all of those wedding magazines you have been staring at longingly for years. Don’t hold back, buy a variety of different ones to find the one you really love. You can even get these in digital format if you really want to, although there is nothing quite as nice as sitting with a glass of wine in the evening and flicking through your favourite wedding magazine.

Bridal fayres are also a fantastic place to get ideas and meet local vendors. I am a firm believer in meeting suppliers first where possible to make sure you connect, the last thing you want to do is book someone and then realise they are not on the same wavelength as you when it comes to your wedding.

9. Go venue hunting

So, you know what type of wedding you want, you know the season or maybe even the month you would like to get married, now you need a venue. You may have picked some ideas up from your wedding magazines (many of them advertise fantastic venues – the local ones to you are always great for this), you may also have picked up ideas from the wedding fayres. You can also of course use trusty old google and then once you have a good idea of where you want, go and visit them. You can get a proper feel for the place when you go in person, you can meet the venues wedding planner and make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Before you make your final decision it is always fun to look for reviews from other brides on the venues, wedding blogs are great for this. Here are a few of my favourite wedding blogs;

Style me pretty

Rock my wedding

London Bride

10. Book in-demand vendors (photographer/band or dj/officiant)

With your venue chosen, your next step will be to book the most in demand vendors.

  • Your officiant – if you are having a religious wedding you will need to speak to your church about the process, these vary from church to church and religion to religion so be sure to ask
  • If you are having a civil ceremony you will need to give notice of marriage and make sure that they are available on the date you want to get married. If you are getting married somewhere other than your home county you will need to get in touch with the officiants in the county in which you get married (I will be doing another blog on this)

11. Send out save the dates

Now you know your date and wedding venue you need to let your guests know to save the date. This isn’t the official invite it is just something to ensure that people don’t book their family holidays directly over your wedding date, particularly if they are people you really want to be there. These should only go out to day guests if you plan on inviting someone only to the evening sending a save the date may be a little confusing.

12. Kiss your FIANCE

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART – Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times, take a moment to remember why you got engaged in the first place. Make time for each other and set a day a week where you have absolutely no wedding talk, just be together and enjoy it.


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