Winter weddings can be magical, filled with warmth, rich colours, roaring log fires, and if you’re lucky… a sprinkling of snow! But of course with the cold weather comes a whole host of things that you will need to think about when planning your winter wedding. I have put together a little checklist to get you started. Number 5 is one of the most important!


1. Keep warm
Perhaps the most obvious one, but something to be considered when choosing your dress
and accessories. If you are having a winter wedding there are so many options for you to
keep warm. You could opt for a pashmina, a fur stole, a cape, you could even have a little
detachable top for your dress made in the same material.

Don’t forget the bridesmaids – they will need to keep warm too. They don’t need to match
you but a shawl in a similar colour either to their dresses or your shawl would work


Amanda Forman Photography | Winter Wedding Check List
Amanda Forman Photography | Winter Wedding Check List
Amanda Forman Photography | Winter Wedding Check List

2. What if it rains?

If it rains, it rains. It is England after all so there isn’t a lot we can do about the weather, but
we can put things in place to make the best of it. When choosing your venue for your winter
wedding be sure to take in to account the fact that if it is persisting it down you will likely
need to have many of your photos taken indoors so make sure you choose somewhere with
beautifully designed interiors. Remember if you have your heart set on a Tipi wedding many
will stop catering for weddings around September time.

Buy umbrellas – I actually have some of my own which I will bring to weddings with me for a
rain shot in the evening but it is always good to have one or two to hand, make sure they are
white though. If you have a coloured umbrella the colour from the umbrella will bounce on
to your skin giving it a strange colour tone and if you have a black umbrella it will suck up all
of the light. With a white umbrella light will be reflected back in to your face which is
beautiful for photographs.

3. Think about the light
When you are planning a winter wedding you need to take in to consideration the time the
sun will be setting. An earlier ceremony is always better as it means we have time to capture
your family formals and portraits of the two of you before you go in for your wedding
breakfast. It also means we can still bring you back out for a few more photos at sunset.


Amanda Forman Photography | Winter Wedding Check List
Amanda Forman Photography | Winter Wedding Check List

4. Change up your welcome drinks
In the summer you have champagne, prosecco and Pimms, well if you are having a winter
wedding why not switch to winter pimms. Don’t get caught out like we did though and buy
30 bottles of the wrong type, there is actually a specific type of Pimms for winter pimms.
You could also opt for mulled wine or mulled fruit juice for the children.

5. Think footwear
You don’t want to have spent a fortune on your gorgeous new shoes only to walk outside
and get the heels stuck all the way down in the mud straight away. Check out these babies
perfect for stopping your heels sinking.

If you know your white/ivory shoes will likely be taking a walk over some muddy surfaces
why not opt for a coloured pair instead? Or if you buy your shoes from Rainbow club you can
get them coloured for free after the wedding, #perfect!

Worst case – we can always put a sheet down to protect your feet 🙂

Amanda Forman Photography | Winter Wedding Check List
Amanda Forman Photography | Winter Wedding Check List

6. Festive flowers
Your florist will be able to advise you when it comes to the best flowers to incorporate in to your day depending on what is in season. If you want to bring a bit of festivity in to your bouquet then berries and rustic manzanitas are perfect! as well as pine cones and pale green foliage. Or you could opt for rich and vibrant colours such as purples and reds for a dramatic winter bouquet.

If you want a few more tips on choosing your wedding flowers check out this blog post all about choosing your wedding flowers


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